Import ERAs from other sources

InterfacEDI can download ERAs from your clearinghouse and PaySpan directly through the secure FTP connection. The downloaded files are imported directly into your system and stored on your server for all authorized users to access. If you receive an ERA from any other source, it can be imported into IntefaceEDI to be read, tracked, or posted if the ERA is in one of the following formats: ".835" (ANSI-4010 and ANSI-5010)

To import an ERA into InterfacEDI AutoPost all you need to do is place the file into the InterfaceEDI working directory. The working directory is unique to each submitter ID. To find the working directory for your current submitter ID:
  1. Open InterfaceEDI (Medisoft-> Claim Management-> Print/Send-> Electronic)
  2. Click the gear icon () to open Program Options
  3. Click Link at the top of the Program Options window labeled "Working Directory"
  4. The Working Directory folder should open in Windows File Explorer
The next time you click the "View Response Reports" icon (), any files in the working directory folder will be imported into InterfacEDI and moved from the working directory to the server. Please note that any file that can not be read by InterfaceEDI or file with the same name as any previously imported report will generate an error when the import is attempted. You must manually remove the invalid/duplicate files from the working directory before the error will fully clear.