Installing InterfaceEDI 5

We have designed the InterfaceEDI installation to be as simply and straight forward as possible.
  1. Download EDIInstaller5.exe
  2. Run the EDIInstall5.exe application.
    • NOTE: You should be prompted to run as administrator, if not:
      1. Close the installer window
      2. Right click on EDIInstalled5.exe
      3. Select Run As Administrator from the pop-out menu
  3. Verify that the program path as the top of the window has chosen the directory where your Medisoft is installed
  4. Click Install
  5. The installer will download the most recent copy of the application and its support files. Once the latest installation files are downloaded, a License Agreement will appear. Close the license agreement and click "Yes" to accept the terms and conditions.
  6. MedEDI.exe will be installed and the installation window will say "Installation Complete" at the bottom of the log. IntefacedEDI is now installed and ready to use! It is now safe to close the installation window
Please note that the administrator privileges are needed to set registry values and access "comm objects". If the installer id somehow run without admin privileges you will receive a "Class ID Not Valid" error when InterfaceEDI is opened and the program will not function.
Additionally, Medisoft must be installed and connected to the practice database before InterfaceEDI can be installed.