Processing Reports

Reports from our clearinghouse partners (Availity or CareVu/Healthsmart) can be processed for claim rejections which will be posted Medisoft claim management. Claims that are rejected will be marked with the Rejected claim status in Claim Management and the claim rejection text will be copied into the claim comments. To process Claim Response reports:

1. At the bottom of the Claim Management window click Print\Send, select Electronic, and make sure that the correct EDI receiver is selected in the box at the bottom of the window. NOTE: Medisoft will remember the last EDI receiver you used.

2. Click the Clipboard icon to view Claim Response reports.

3. You can process the selected report by clicking the Process This Report button.

Or you can process all unprocessed reports by clicking the Process All Unprocessed Reports icon. Claims that have been processed will have a check filled in the “Processed” column