Sending Claims

InterfaceEDI sends claims from Medisoft Claim Management. If you already have claims marked “Ready To Send” skip to step 3.

1. In Medisoft Claim Management click Create Claims.

2. In the new window you can choose to create claims for specific dates of service or chart numbers by filling in the fields, or leave all of the filter fields blank and click Create to create claims for all transactions that are not currently on a claim.

3. At the bottom of the Claim Management window click Print\Send, select Electronic, and make sure that the correct EDI receiver is selected in the box at the bottom of the window. NOTE: Medisoft will remember the last EDI receiver you used.

4. Click the Claim icon

5. Click Send Claims

6. InterfaceEDI will now scrub your claims for common mistakes and report them back to you. If your claims have no know errors you will be presented with a summary of the claims that are about to be sent. Once you have reviewed this summary, and decided whether or not to print or save it, click close and you will be prompted to send claims now.

7. Click Yes to confirm the information in the summary is correct and your claims will be sent to your clearinghouse.