Viewing Reports

All of the claim response reports your clearinghouse sends you will be viewable through InterfaceEDI. The Claim Response Viewer will store all of your current and past Claim Response reports for future reference with the newest reports on the bottom of the list. To view your Claim Response reports:

1. At the bottom of the Claim Management window click Print\Send, select Electronic, and make sure that the correct EDI receiver is selected in the box at the bottom of the window. NOTE: Medisoft will remember the last EDI receiver you used.

2. Click the Clipboard icon to view Claim Response reports.

3. The top section of the new window will show you the list of all downloaded Claim Response reports, when they were downloaded, whether they have been printed, whether they have been processed, and what type of report they are.

The bottom section will show you the information in the report that you have selected in the top section.