06 Invalid Prv

Superior is attempting to match the NPI on the claim with what they have on file.
Cenpatico handles mental health for Superior this information applies to those claims as well

The claims most likely will not be in the Payer's System.

Version 5,
Make sure you are sending a Taxonomy code. 
Verify with the payer your provider's NPI and TaxID/SSN
Cenpatico 866-218-8263
Superior 877-391-5921

Older Versions, version 3 and before

If you removed the provider's TAX ID put it back in to the Medisoft Provider Information. If you removed it because claims for other payers were being rejected, in InterfaceEDI make sure the Send NPI Only Claims check box is checked. Also make sure your program is up to date.

If your practice has two NPIs, one for the practice and one for the provider. Superior may be using the practice NPI only. Try calling Superior to attest your provider's individual NPI. Some payers may have a provider listed as a Sole Proprietor and not in a group where others will have the opposite. For example, traditional Medicaid has your provider in a group and they use your group NPI and individual NPI. And Superior has the provider listed as a Sole Proprietor and only use one NPI. In this case it is best to have Superior attest to the individual NPI. The InterfaceEDI program has a switch for SHP11 (Superior). To get it to work, you will need to edit the insurance data in Medisoft. Go to the Pins tab, make sure in the Pin column you have some value (it doesn't matter what it is if you are sending NPI Only Claims). Make sure the Qualifier is 1D. Make sure the Group Pin is blank, or if needed you can put the Taxonomy Code with a ZZ qualifier to satisfy requirements for paper claims.