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InterfaceEDI Errors and Messages

Payments and Adjustments were not applied because the charge identifier could not be found in the 835 document
Medisoft has a unique identifier, when claims are sent we send that identifier, its supposed to come back in the 835. It doesn't always come back. Our program won't apply the payment/adjustment if it isn't present in the file. Most secondary claims won't have it because they were filed by paper or were cross over business. Sometimes it is missing because the claim was reversed previously or the claim was adjudicated outside the normal channel or reviewed by a person and re-entered in to the adjudication system.

Class not registered, ClassID
Occurs while starting program or attempting to connect to a clearinghouse. To fix, reinstall the EDI program by Right-Clicking on the install and choosing  Run As Administrator. Some versions of Windows have an extra level of security that does not allow users to install certain parts of the EDI program. In these versions of Windows being in the Administrators group is not enough to install the EDI completely.

Host Not Found
Displays while sending claims or downloading reports. Usually this is caused by a firewall. The firewall may be on the computer you are using or it may be a separate device on your network. Most personal firewalls or security suites will have a list of programs that contains rules to apply to those program when they run. Look for InterfaceEDI and see if the program has a status of "Deny" or "Block". InterfaceEDI may also be listed separately by component as "MEDEDI.EXE" and "UPDATEME4.EXE" on some systems.

This error can also occur if there is an error in the network or the clearinghouse ftp server didn't respond. If this is the case then try again later.

EADSDatabaseError qryInsurance: Error 7200:  AQE Error:  State = S0000;   NativeError = 2124;  [Extended Systems][Advantage SQL Engine]Invalid operand for operator: >= [Invalid DATE]
Go to Control Panel, click on Regional and Language Options, verify the Short Date is in the MM/dd/yyyy format, if not click on Customize, then go to the date tab, then change the short date format to MM/dd/yyyy

tblMEVerifyRec: Error 5004: Either ACE could not find specified file, or you do not have sufficient rights
Every time InterfaceEDI creates a claim file it creates a set of temporary tables. This error usually means that the program failed to create of those tables. The first thing to look for is to see if somebody else is sending claims from another computer or remote session. It is possible that somebody has left a copy of InterfaceEDI open and viewing the EMC Verification Report. If you are sure no one else is sending claims, it is possible that the user doesn't have permission to create the tables in the data directory. Check the folder permissions on the Medidata folder on the server to ensure your user has full read and write permissions. If you are still experiencing issues, try closing InterfaceEDI and waiting 15 minutes before opening it again. This will give the system time to clean out the temporary files and stuck users tables.

Invalid User ID or Password Reported By
If you are on Medisoft Version 14sp1, make sure you have the latest InterfaceEDI update. Changes were made in Medisoft that affect whether a claim is sent in Test or Production Mode.

Healthsmart (CareVu) Users: If this is a new user setup, contact CareVu to see if they have your account setup to submit claims using Secure FTP.

Availity Users : If this is a new setup, make sure the EDI Receiver setting for Transmission Mode is Active or Production.

The current socket connection has been reset- files not sent
The connection to the clearinghouse was broken while you were sending claims. Our program can't tell if the claims were sent so it did not mark the claims as sent. To avoid possibly sending the claims multiple times wait several minutes, go into InterfaceEDI, download response reports, and see if you have a report for the claims you tried to send. If you don't have a report after 6 hours, send the claims again. If you do receive a response report, go back to Medisoft and mark the claims as sent. You can have Medisoft change the claim status and mark the bill date by using claim management to change the claims to paper and choosing "export to a file" when you print them instead of printing them to a printer.

Service not available, closing control connection
On the ftp screen behind the error, the last command will appear as LIST -al. Go to Connection Type and toggle the Use Active Mode FTP. (Turn on if it is off or off if it is on)

Missing 835 Reports
Go in to View Previous Reports, look for the first report, is it on or about the same day as the first 835 in the 835 viewer? If so, click on Add/Remove at the top then on Recover Files Removed From Index. If that adds reports, exit from there go to 835 Remittance, click on Tools-> Conversion-> Convert All 835s and choose to not overwrite existing files.