ERA Will Not Open or Print (Deleting Working Tables)

An ERA does not open when you click the Apply button and/or nothing displays when you attempt to print the EOB page.
NOTE: This problem should only occur on specific ERAs. If this problem occurs on every ERA, please contact your vendor to repair your ERA list.

This error occurs when the working table for the ERA has been damaged or encountered an error on creation. If you have already begun posting the ERA before getting this error please be aware that following this guide may result in duplicate payments or adjustments. Contact your EDI vendor for data repair if you are not certain or wish to attempt to recover the work already done on the damaged ERA. If you have not begun applying the damaged ERA, or know exactly which payments/adjustments to look for duplicate payments on:
  1. Select the check on the ERA Autopost list

  2. Click Tools -> Delete Working Tables on the top menu

  3. You will be prompted to confirm you would like to delete the working tables for the selected ERA. Click Yes to proceed

  4. The program will prompt you when the working tables have been removed successfully. Click OK to continue

  5. Attempt to apply/print the ERA. The program will build a new working table and allow you to proceed as normal