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Availity Worker's Comp

Availity Worker's Comp

Check here to get the payer list for worker's compensation   Availity's Documentation (its at the bottom).

Worker's Comp Insurance Carrier

Type = Worker's Comp

Default Billing Method = Electronic

EDI Payer Number = number from Availity Payer List

EDI Receiver = specify an EDI Receiver

Worker's Comp Case

Condition Tab

Injury/Illness Date = Date of Injury

Related to Accident = Yes

Related to Employment is checked

Illness Indicator = Injury

Policy #1 Tab

Policy 1 Holder is the Employer

Policy Number 1 is the Patient's SSN

Diagnosis Tab

In the latest update of InterfaceEDI, as a default, if the Insurance Type is Worker's Comp and if the Attachment Control Number is blank, InterfaceEDI will send:

Report Type Code = OZ

Report Transmission Code = FX

Attachment Control NumberChartNumber-ClaimNumber

You can over ride this behavior by doing the following:

Report Type Code = OZ

Report Transmission Code = FX  (use if faxing additional information. Refer here for alternate transmission methods of additional documentation.)

Attachment Control Number = something to identify the claim, this is the number that identifies your claim, it will come back on the fax cover sheet.