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Institutional Claims

Institutional Claim Setup (UB04 or UB92)

the EDI Receiver for an Institutional claim has to have either UB04 or UB92 in the Extra 3 field. other than that you set the receiver up as you would any other payer.

inside InterfaceEDI under Setup/Institutional you have to specify a default Type of Bill. The Medicare/Medicaid fields are for Rural Health Clinics that need to bundle their visits in to a T1015 code.

you don't have to use the UB receiver to transmit the claims, but you do need to have the Default Type of Bill setup in the InterfaceEDI program for the Receiver you are using to transmit.

some practices don't use all of the ub fields, but if a practice does need a to send information that isn't supported by Medisoft (like Condition Codes, Occurrence Codes or Value Codes), we have a custom tab that can be put in the Case or Patient data.

version 14 has native UB support in the data but currently our program doesn't support it. The program will be updated in the future.