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National Drug Code

TMHP Notes

The value of LIN02 must be equal to N4 when the National Drug Code (NDC) is sent in LIN03, 11 numeric LIN02 must contain a valid 11 numeric NDC in the 5-4-2 format.

The value of CTP03 must be equal to zero. Note: CTP03 is a HIPAA X12 required element and must therefore be populated in order for TMHP to receive the data in CTP04 and CTP05-1

NDC drug quantity Note: CTP04 must be populated with the dosage quantity administered based on the Unit Of Measurement (UOM) documented in the Palmetto GBA NDC to HCPCS crosswalk. NDC Quantity Example: If CTP05-1=GR and the dosage is administered in milligrams (MG) CTP04., a 25 milligram dosage should be submitted as .025 in CTP04

Must be equal to one of the valid Units Of Measurement (UOM) for each NDC. GR = Gram, ML = Milliliter, UN = Unit, review NDC to HCPC crosswalk at


Medisoft Instructions

For the LIN segment, place NDC Code in Procedure Code information. Not available in some earlier versions (8 and maybe 9), the N4 qualifier is hard coded for this segment

The CTP  segment is usually sent when it is necessary to provide price or dosage specific information for the National Drug Code provided in LIN03 that is different than the price reported in SV102

To create the CTP segment, go to Transaction Entry, pull up the appropriate patient, and select the appropriate transaction. Click the Note button or press F5  to pull up the Transaction Documentation window. Select any EDI type note.

Only the Unit Price, Quantity, and Unit of Measurement Code are currently required in this segment. To get the values to populate correctly, enter CTP:, then 2 asterisks (**), the Unit Price an asterisk, Quantity an asterisk, and Unit of Measurement. For example, if the Unit Price was 32.50, the Quantity was 1, and the Unit of Measurement Code was UN, then you would enter the following in the Transaction Documentation window


The program would then send this segment with 0 in CPT03, 1 in CPT 04, and UN in   CPT05-1

To convert mg to GR, divide the mg by 1000

Prescription Number
some Modifiers may require the prescription number
Transaction Note, any Note Type but Internal Use, first 3 = @XZ, 4 = space, 
Next 30 characters = Prescription Number,
this must be on separate line in note,
National Drug Code must be present in the procedure